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Malaysian Food Journey

I have travelled extensively across Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur to Melaka is an ideal day trip. Starting the day trip early in the morning is not a great idea, therefore, stopping over at Nasi Kandar restaurants from across the road from where I was staying (at Furama Hotel)  in Bukit Bintang was a great idea. 

Exploring Best Malay Food in Kuala Lumpur

The Nasi Kandar restaurant is run by South Indian Muslims who migrated to Malaysia in the last century. The food offers a mix of Indian and Arab cooking styles with an emphasis on roti (paratha) or bread make on a flat metal pan.

Roti telur and curry - the best malaysian food

Roti telur with curries

There are plenty of stopovers if you are travelling on the freeways in Malaysia. The food courts offer inexpensive Asian foods including noodles, rice dishes and deep-fried seafood. Halfway through my trip, I decided to stop over for a Teh Tarek ( Malaysian style tea made with condensed milk).

The stopovers offer a clean sitting area, restroom and ablution room for Muslim travellers. I always enjoy saying my prayers and stopping over for a hot drink. This time I wanted to try a small serving of deep-fried fish with rice served with chutney ( a mint sauce) 

Malaysian food rice and chicken - the best malaysian food

Rice with pickled cabbage salad and deep-fried fish

Exploring best Malay food in Melaka - Malaysia

Melaka like Georgetown is the culinary capital of Malaysia offering a wide array of local dishes ranging from Nyonya to Chinese & Portuguese food. The area is declared a UNESCO Heritage city because of its rich cultural history stretching over the last 500 years. 

I explored the Jonker walk area on food and could not resist trying some local street side food including grilled radish and fishballs. 

jonker walk food - the best malaysian food

Grilled fish balls and seafood served by hawkers on Jonker Walk

More hunt for food - Best Malay Food

I explored Menara Taming Sari and the shopping malls ( Mahkota Parade & Dataran Pahlawan) on foot. Most of the places downtown are located within a walking distance of each other. There are plenty of nice cafes, bars and restaurants in symmetric white painted building blocks that stretch for miles in the old part of the town.

Foodcourt serving Asian food in Melaka - the best malaysian food

Soup dishes served in the food court near Jonker Walk

A food court near the Menara Taming Sari was serving a mix of local food. I decided to try fishballs and tofu coconut mild curry, topped with fresh herbs. The serving was amazing and cost around RM 6.

tofu soup - the best malaysian food

Tofu soup in coconut milk curry

 I drove back the same day to Kuala Lumpur to enjoy the nightlife in the city. The foodie adventures continue..

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