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Health benefits of tropical fruit

A trip to Thailand & Malaysia is not complete without indulging in culinary adventures as well as tasting some exotic tropical fruits. The warm and humid weather is ideal for large varieties of tropical and citrus fruit that are not found in many places in the world.

Most varieties of tropical fruit help hydrate and enable the body to fight heat and humidity. Tropical fruits are natural detox and help clean the toxins from the body. A regular intake of small servings of fruit is essential to stay healthy and hydrated in the hot and humid atmosphere of the tropics. 

I travel quite frequently to the tropics. Living in Australia, I have little tolerance for humidity and heat. The first thing I do after settling in the hotel is to stock up on tropical fruit. Most supermarkets carry good quality seasonal fruit which is cut and packed for easy consumption. I have developed a romance for juicy mangosteens, guava, jackfruit, pineapples, lychees, and Durian.


Papaya is a magic fruit found extensively across India, Pakistan, and South-East Asia. The fruit has magical qualities and should be an essential part of the diet in hot and humid climates. Papaya is…

Jackfruit - Tropical Fruit

The fruit has a dry and rubbery texture with a sweet flavor. Jackfruit helps fight wrinkles on the skin and is great for good muscle growth.

Mangosteen Tropical Fruit

Crack the hard skin to find sweet white pods within. A fresh ripe mangosteen taste somewhere between lychee and mango.
Crack the hard skin to find sweet white pods within. A fresh ripe mangosteen…

guava - tropical fruit

Guava juice as well guava fruit helps fight the summer heat, lower blood pressure, and is great for digestion.

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Hotels across Malaysia do not allow durians to be taken to the rooms and impose a fine of over RM 200. The smell of this amazing fruit is hard to take but the taste is impossible to forget.

Singaporeans visit Malaysia in peak Durian season to enjoy this exotic fruit which is very common in Malaysia. Here is my list of some lovely tropical fruit along with the health benefits.