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Indian spices and herbs

You can find ajwain - Carmon seeds in almost every Indian and Pakistani kitchen because of the common use of this spice in most dishes. Ajwain is commonly used for its strong taste and smell in tadka - heating in oil and powered over lentils and soups. 


Rich in minerals and vitamins, ajwain is commonly used in many snacks like pakoras, samosa, and other deep-fried Indian snacks. 

A common use of Ajwain for digestion:

Ajwain can help reduce acidity in the stomach, bloating, and indigestion. Mix an equal amount of salt and ajwain and chew it before drinking half a cup of water. You will immediately experience a soothing feeling. I use this mix quite frequently and eliminate the need for using Mylanta and other common antiacid medicines. 

Benefits of Ajwain:

1. Helps in weight loss.

2. Improves respiratory tract health and helps reduce symptoms of asthma.

3. Help reduce acne and pimples.

4. Help relieve toothache and headache.