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cinnamon spices

Cinnamon sticks and powder are extensively used in Middle Eastern and Indian food because of their strong medicinal properties and aromatic flavours. The use of cinnamon in sweets is used to counterbalance the effect of excessive consumption of sugar. Cinnamon helps lower and maintain a healthy blood sugar level.


Cinnamon is commonly used in aromatic dishes like Biryani and meat dishes including meat dishes. The Popularly used Garam Masala used in most Indian dishes includes Cinnamon along with many other spices. Garam Masala is commonly used in meat dishes to balance the smell of raw meat. Also, Garam Masala is garnished over lentils and other curries.

Cinnamon, however, is used sparsely because of its strong taste. The most common use of Cinnamon is in desserts (rice puddings, pies, middle eastern sweets) and herbal teas. 

Known benefits of Cinnamon includes:

1. Strong antioxidant effect

2. Help Lower Blood Sugar levels. It is very useful for diabetics. 

3. Anti-Cancer effect