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Clove is essential to spice used in most Indian & Pakistani food especially curries. The clove adds a strong taste to the curries and takes away the smell of meats. Two to three cloves are enough for I kg of meat. Too much added to the dishes can spoil the taste. 


Clove powder is used in Garam Masala ( along with 5 to six other spices commonly used). Cloves are frequently used to cure toothache. Modern medicines for toothache use clove oil with its strong antibacterial properties. Excessive use of oil, however, can be toxic. 

Commonly used dishes using cloves: Biryani, Palau, Meat curries, fish curries and Chicken Curry. 

Clove is also considered an aphrodisiac. 

Health benefits of cloves include general health of gums and fight decay and gingivitis. Cloves is useful for diabetics. Regular use of cloves can help reduce the chance of chancer.