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indian spices and herbs - cumin seeds

Cumin is the most common spice in almost all Indian and Pakistani dishes. The use of cumin is mostly a starting point for many curries, where cumin seeds are added to hot oil to release aromatic flavours

. Onion, ginger, garlic, and tomatoes are added along with other spices to make a uniform base for many meat and vegetable curries.

Cumin has great digestive benefits and helps ease flatulence and helps reduce blood pressure. Cumin is also useful for diabetics.

Cumin powder can be mixed with a number of other herbs to make a healthy immune booster that helps fight bacterial infections, sinus issues and help lose weight.

A useful Cumin Mix for Health

A sample mix that I use on a regular basis consists of an equal amount of Cumin powder, Fenugreek Powder, Black Mustard Seeds, and Half the amount of Nigella Seeds (black seeds).

After a few days of use, you can experience general well-being including good appetite and digestion, and a decrease in chances of constipation. These ingredients with strong antioxidant qualities can help increase immunity against flu and other ailments of the nasal passage. 

Jeera (Cumin) Water

A common use of Cumin water (cumin seeds boiled in water and cooled down to room temperature) early in the morning helps improve digestion and is great for general well being and stomach related issues. The liquid helps boost metabolism that can help in losing weight. Most people do not lose weight easily due to slow metabolism. 

Like many other spices, Cumin helps as detox removing unhealthy toxins from the body and gut. General use of Zeera on daily basis in Indian and Pakistani is probably one of the reasons for very low cases of cancer in Pakistani Society.