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Sydney Malay restaurants

Info: Campsie is an inner west suburb based in Canterbury Council Area. Campsie is surrounded by Canterbury, Belmore and Clemton Park. Campsie is accessible from the central station by train. (Bankstown Track).

Campsie demographics has undergone a massive change in the last decade or so. The predominant Chinese, Macedonian and Greek are gradual places by Malaysian, Indonesian and Filipino. The shift has brought about an interesting change in the food served in the restaurants. Several Malay-Chinese restaurants have become regular fixtures on the main Beamish Street attracting a regular stream of customers comprising morning shift workers and family visitors in the evening. 

You would be surprised to find over 8 restaurants that open around 4 am in the morning for breakfast and early starters. Get your lunch packs under 410 with three main dishes with rice and noodles. 


One of my favourite establishments is JINWEIGU FOOD, which specializes in serving authentic Chinese cuisine. I start my day with Hot Congee (Rice Porridge) with either fish, chicken or beef with a dash of soy sauce and consumed with freshly fried sourdough bread. 

Beef and lamb broth with shallot pancakes make an ideal breakfast on a cold winter morning. Other days, I like rice with eggplant, chicken curry and fish fillets cooked in sweet sauce. The hot food section has over 20 dishes to choose from.  

Jinweigu Food Beamish Street Campsie
Deep fried Sourdough Bread
Fish Congee
Choose from hot-plate
Jinweigo Food -
Lamb Broth with Beef Pancakes
Beef Pancakes
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 Penang Hawker Campsie 

Penang Hawker is a great place for authentic Malay food lovers. The menu is extensive and the food tastes authentic. I like the noodle dishes including Mee Goreng, the traditional Nasi Lemak and curry dishes are well cooked served with Roti. 
In the morning, I pop in to get the curry puffs that are sold out quickly. There is a good selection of meat dishes in the morning breakfast, takeaway menu. The dinner menu is extended and you can try fish head curry, a wide range of noodle dishes, duck and pork dishes. 
Where to eat in Sydney
Amazing food choice at Penang Hawker
Where to eat in Sydney
Chicken Curry with Roti
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 Albee's Kitchen Campsie

Albee's Kitchen is probably one of my favourite Malaysian Restaurants in Sydney. The restaurant has two branches, one in Campsie and the other one Campsie. The food is simply the best cooked with authentic Malays spices and sauces. One of my favourite dishes includes Mee Goreng Mamak and Char Kway Teow. The dishes taste amazing with sambal sauce.

I got addicted to Malays sweet kuih lapis (served in various flavours)


Kuih at Albee's Kitchen
Buy take away food packs in the morning
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With Covid restriction being lifted, this is a great time of the year to visit various suburbs of Sydney and try some authentic cuisine!!!