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Sydney Restaurants

Sydney's population is over 5 million spread over 13 regions. The ethnic distribution through the seventies has been along with different ethnicity. As the population increased the ethnic mix increased as well. 

About Sydney and its wide variety of cuisines - Food of Sydney

Sydney's population is over 5 million spread over 13 regions. The ethnic distribution through the seventies has been along with different ethnicity. As the population increased the ethnic mix increased as well. The general distribution of households across Sydney shows over 36000 Indian families living in Parammatta are which makes it the biggest ethnic cluster across Australia. 

Various nationalities brought with them rich flavours in cuisine and have added to the diverse culinary landscape of Australia. There is a marked Asian influence on Australian cuisine because of Australia's proximity to Asia. 

Some of the best restaurants are Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Malaysia fusion restaurants that have adapted to the taste of the Australian Population. With rich supplies of quality meats, dairy and farm products, modern Australian Cuisine is becoming very popular. 

Here is a list of the main area with the highest concentration of Restaurants around the Sydney City area.

Newtown - Food of Sydney


Newtown is popular with young hyp crowds and students because of its proximity to the University of Sydney and some of the coolest suburbs in Sydney including Erskineville, Enmore and Stanmore. 

Newtown has kept the spark alive after the enforcement of clubs lockdown restriction throughout 2018-19. With a  number of popular bars, clubs and cafes, Newtown is the place to be if you want to check out the culinary diversity of Sydney. 

Enjoy authentic Thai Cuisine at Thai Patong, which has become a tradition with Asian Food Lovers. Drop by at Pastizzi Cafe to enjoy the most popular pasties in town. The cafe is equally popular with local crowds and serious foodies seeking unique food across Sydney.

Bloodwood has gained a considerable reputation with a mixed seasonal menu and an impressive wine list. Two must-try restaurants for Turkish food lovers include Pashas and Sarai Cafe. Pasha's is more lavish and suited for bigger crowds. Sarai Cafe is managed by an old Turkish Family and you are sure to find nice kebabs, pide and eggplant salad even in the later hours of the night. 

My favourite Pakistani restaurant "Tandoori Hut" is located opposite Enmore theatre. Enjoy the flavours of home-cooked Pakistani food including tandoori, lamb shanks, vegetarian dishes and daal makhani. 

For pub-grub lovers, Coopers Hotel, Newtown Hotel and Union Hotels are places to hang out. 

A number of Latin, Italian, Nepalese and European restaurants are also located along King Street in Newtown.

Chinatown & Haymarket - Food of Sydney


This area of Sydney is quite densely populated and popular with working holiday visa workers, students and office workers. Haymarket is easily accessible from Central Station with its proximity to Darling Harbour and CBD makes it the hub of cafes and restaurants. Enjoy the Malaysian Restaurant Mamak for Roti Canai and a number of curries. East Ocean and Golden Peacock are some of the oldest Chinese Restaurants. For a nice Thai restaurant, check out Chat Thai on Campbell Street. The popular restaurant Tetsuya run by a celebrity chef is located on Sussex street. 

Haymarket has a number of reasonably priced restaurants serving a mix of Chinese, Malay and Thai food. These restaurants cater to University students and are quite reasonably priced. 

Darlinghurst - Food of Sydney


Darlinghurst with its proximity to Oxford Street and Kings Cross enjoys a unique location with easy access from CBD. Darlinghurst has a number of amazing wine bars and eateries and attracts some trendy crowds from across the city. Popular restaurants include iconic chef Luke Ngyuen's "Red Lantern", Bar Reggio, Phamish Vietnamese Restaurant, A Tavola (Italian) and Unas are household names and attracts large crowds over the weekend. 

If you are in a mood for some popular snack food, Butter and Mr Crackles are some of the popular names. 

The adjoining suburb of Woollahra has a number of popular hotels including Unicorn Hotel, Paddington InnImperial and The Light Brigade. 

One of my favourite takeaway eatery Charlie's Chargrill is located on Queen Street Woollahra. The chain undoubtedly sells the best roasts, salads and takeaway meals for under $20.